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Thread: Ruger SFAR (Small frame AR in .308)

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    Ruger SFAR (Small frame AR in .308)

    If I'm understanding this right, it's basically an AR15 with an extended magwell to accommodate the .308 cartridge instead of being an AR10. I think POF or somebody already did this but you don't hear anything about it anywhere. Lightweight semi-auto .308 for $1200 MSRP, might make a good semi-auto hunting rifle that takes common mags but maybe not a full-on battle rifle.
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    6.8 pounds -- if this is reliable, I would love to have one for a walking around rifle in AK.
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    Price is right, too.

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    No kidding, $1200 is an incredible deal on a small frame .308- that said- do we know what parts are AR-15-common, what parts are Ruger-specific, and what parts might be large-frame-particular?
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    First gun I've been tempted by in a while.


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    I wonder when the small frame .308 Win AR will actually take off, and if there's any inherent short comings to the idea, since the likes of H&K, KAC, DD, and LMT have all stuck with the large frame format. DPMS/RemDef, Savage, Adams Arms, and POF have tried it, and they never really seem to have taken off.

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    6.8 pounds -- if this is reliable, I would love to have one for a walking around rifle in AK.
    Have you seen the F4 Defense small frame?

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    I just read about this one, I don't own a .308 yet and I've had good luck with Ruger, so count me in the "very interested" column.

    As has been alluded to, I imagine it will not share all that much parts commonality with either AR-10s or AR-15s, so customization and parts options may be limited versus a standard AR-10 or AR-15, but Ruger is pretty solid about taking care of their stuff if it breaks.
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    I was telling my wife about this and after she said "another AR?", she relented and said I should get it.

    Crap. Now I need $1200. Anyone want to buy a surly teenager?


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    surly teenager?
    That’s redundant.
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    Curious to see if the barrel and bolt follow an existing pattern.

    Also curious about the inevitable 6.5CM version.

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