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Thread: Pickup Tire Recommendations?

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    Pickup Tire Recommendations?

    The tires on my 2020 Ram 1500 are getting down there, so it's time to start the research.

    Mud and snow characteristics are irrelevant, it rarely snows where I live and I rarely drive off-road. I use my truck pretty much as an SUV with a pickup bed. Much of my driving is on Interstates. My main concerns are wet and dry traction, road noise, and gas mileage. Tire size is 265/70x17, and I'm not interested in going to another size without a really good reason. What are your recommendations?

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    easy button answer: Michelin LTX/defender

    Not the best at any given trait, but good at all of them...

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    I'm a fan of Coopers and have Discovers on both my Tacoma and my wife's Expedition. Mine wears ST Maxx which are probably too aggressive for what you want but my wife's SRX are really nice performing and riding.

    That said, its hard to go wrong with some Michelin Defenders.

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    Another vote for the Michelins. Iíve been very happy with them on a Silverado 1500 and a F-150.

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    I usually run all terrain tires on my trucks and SUVs. I really like Toyo Open Country ATs. I've got over 60,000 on the set on my half ton truck, and I'll get another 5 or 10 thousand.

    I've also had decent luck with BFG AT, Hankook Dynapro AT, and Nitto Terra Grappler AT. All have given me good service, although the Toyos are my favorites.

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    If Michelin makes a tire for your application, they're typically gonna be the best. If not the best, they won't be a regrettable decision. The LTX are what I'd roll with for an every day truck.
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    +1 Michelin.

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    Michelin LTX on 3 trucks.

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    I have Goodyear Wrangler AT Kevlar tires on my Silverado and they've been okay but I have Michelin LTX Defenders on my other two cars and I think I will put them on the Silverado when the Goodyears wear out. Can't argue with success. I just hope Michelin doesn't do the normal corporate thing and invent "New Coke" to replace the classic successful product.

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    Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza plus. They're all season road tires. I have 50k on them and theres still plenty of tread left for at least another year. And so far have been great in snow but in all honesty, unless you're looking at some epic accumulations or climbing up a mountain side, any tire with good tread will be good in the snow

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