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Thread: Hammer, striker or donít care?

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    Hammer, striker or donít care?

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    I voted don't care. I like to shoot.

    Timer tells me SAO Hammer but who wouldn't prefer a nice 1911 trigger or a Cajunized CZ75B SA?

    Also, could get by with DA/SA or striker as long as it has nice a trigger and sights and is semi-accurate.
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    I voted hammer. But not because of anything thatís inherent to hammer-fired guns. Hammer-fired guns are just more likely to have a true DA option, or a safety if theyíre SAO. Striker-fired guns are more likely to have something closer to SAO with no safety.

    For instance, the Walther P99 is striker, but gives me exactly what I want; I really donít care what mechanism pops the primer.
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    Hammer for me...DA/SA to be exact

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    I carry a hammer fired gun, mostly for safety reasons - LEM, but I shoot a striker fired gun on a regular basis.
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    Hammer (LEM) for carry. Never took to strikers, someday I hear they may catch on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    Hammer, striker or donít care?
    Don't care. One of those things that people on the Internet care about, that doesn't matter as much as they think it does.

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    While I view Glock as my default handgun, I carry a TDA CZ P-07 with a decocker. I shoot both well, but prefer the CZ for a few reasons. 1) I compete in USPSA with Shadow2s, and the P-07 is similar; practice carries over better to my carry gun. 2) The P-07 uses an unusually simple mechanism for a TDA, and has similar durability and robustness advantages of a Glock. 3) For me, the P-07 is ergonomically the best carry-size gun I have found. 4) The P-07's relatively short 6.5# DA pull is light enough to be fast and accurate, but long enough to be safer than a striker-fired gun for defensive use.

    Because of the simplicity of a Glock type action, I think it's a better choice for most people. Two types of trigger pull, and the requirement to decock make the TDA a poor choice for anyone without solid training and regular practice.

    I do not like: SA-only guns with a safety (actually any handgun with a safety), striker-fired guns with light, short triggers, large DA revolvers, and TDAs with heavy DA pulls > 8 lbs, overly complex actions with lots of small fiddly parts (most TDA guns).
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    I had been trying to convince myself that my MR918 and MR920s are "the Way" but I'm falling in love with my V1 USP compact 9 and 40 all over again, so much so that I've recently bought another one of each.

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    I don't care much. Glock is my favorite, but I really like the P30 too. It's good to have choices. Actually, I really like a lot of pistols...

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