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Thread: Pistol Brace Amnesty

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    Iím not good at legalese. Whatís the gist of that court document?
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    Quote Originally Posted by awp_101 View Post
    Iím not good at legalese. Whatís the gist of that court document?
    Another preliminary injunction by the court, this time in regards to the lawsuit filed against the ATF by the NRA. ATF can't enforce its brace thing against the NRA members.
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    I thought there was a complete nationwide injunction already.
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    Yup. And SAF injunction before that. I'm not smart enough to understand if, with the same outcome, those decisions use different reasoning. This one seemingly stated that ATF offering sbr stamps for no charge doesn't constitute appropriate solution. I don't know if other injunctions said it too.
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    The court mentioned the nationwide stay currently in effect and which is currently being appealed to the Fifth Circuit. However, neither party raised that issue, so the court decided not to address it.

    Having multiple injunctions in place until we have a final decision is not a bad thing. If one injunction is listed, those who are covered by more than one injunction still have the protection of the other injunctions unless and until they are lifted.
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