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Thread: New Ruger LC Carbine

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    I guess they are banking on no new AWBs and sales not in some big states?

    Otherwise, looks like fun.

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    While the P90 is a neat design, 5.7 is like the official cartridge of Dunning Krueger…

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    Oops. 5 hours late. And here I was thinking I was about to drop a news scoop.

    I am a fan of neither the Ruger pistol carbine nor the R-57 pistol. I don't see how I'd be a fan of this creation.

    If anything this may have been a nifty 10/22 variant. Something not unlike the PCC but lighter and handier. Heck it might even be kind of neat in a little bolt gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    5.7 is like the official cartridge of Dunning Krueger…

    Now, if that little guy was chambered in 9mm with a Glock mag option, and ran reliably, we'd be getting somewhere.

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    If this was big "handgun" with a 5-7" barrel that you could put a brace on (or SBR) then I think it would make more sense. Basically a Keltec PMR-30 in 5.7 with better build quality. But I don't see the attraction of a 16" 5.7 rifle. Why would anyone go with that instead of a 5.56mm AR15? The AR's going to be just as handy, and shoot a ballistically-superior yet cheaper round.

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    If 5.7 were ridiculously cheap this would be a fun plinker. Since it is not, I don't see a purpose for this rifle. I will stick with my .22 Mag for small varmints and be happy.

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    It would be great if they made a version of LC Charger in 9mm, not just 5.7.

    At one point I converted a PC Charger to the traditional pistol layout, and the result was underwhelming on the account of how tall the fire control was. I even changed the safety from the factory cross-bolt to Uzi style thumb slider safety, and won a couple of mm, but nonetheless the result was not great. The magazine in the photo is a Glock 17 magazine, and even so the grip was uncomfortably short. The LC platform is already made with this in mind.

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    I'll admit that the LCC does kind of trip my stoopid wantsies switch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    While the P90 is a neat design, 5.7 is like the official cartridge of Dunning Krueger…
    And its recent resurgence is mind-boggling. Did some Kel-Tec employee stumble upon a rich SS190 vein while prospecting for purple polymer in the Sierra Madre?
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