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Thread: Am I missing something here on car payments?

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    Am I missing something here on car payments?


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    Oh, my.

    $1500-2500/mo seems a bit outsize for a depreciating asset.
    How much money are they bringing in per month, anyway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Bad news is coming for these people.
    Those idiots!!!!

    Donít they know how much ammo they could buy with that money?!!!!
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    I know a kid paying $1200 for a Ford Raptor. Makes $20/hr and still lives at home so itís not wiping him out. But still. Sweet truck though.

    The rest of the site is a commie shithole, but r/askcarsales on Reddit is quite interesting.

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    Bet they have lots of student loan debt too. All so they could work at a job they could lose tomorrow while handing over 20%+ of their income right back to their employer. Genius.

    ZERO should be the goal but, I guess it's some sort of masochistic social media flex to show how heavily debt leveraged you are.

    Don't use TikTok, buy older cars from individuals where possible, and learn how to fix them yourself. So much less fiscal pain in the long run, as long as you're a discerning buyer.

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    'Free Money', 'Easy Credit', and taxpayer funded Bread & Circuses are to a society what meth is to an individual.
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    Holy crap! Maybe it's because I haven't had a car payment in about 5 years, but that's insane to me. I can't imagine paying that much of my take home income for a vehicle. Some of those people were paying more than what I was paying for my last mortgage and almost as much as I'm paying for my current one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe in PNG View Post
    'Free Money', 'Easy Credit', and taxpayer funded Bread & Circuses are to a society what meth is to an individual.
    Vehicle Loan Forgiveness is probably right around the corner. When the Dems need more votes it could happen.

    And if I hadn't paid for 3 kids college education I could have one of those fancy trucks in my driveway now. For years I wondered if I was being a dummy paying with the possibility of Student Loan Forgiveness having been bandied about for many years. Apparently now I will have the privilege of paying for others.

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    That blows my mind. Half of those car payments are more than our mortgage payment. Iím not rich by any means, but I canít imagine paying that for a car payment on my salary. Hell, Iíve got my current vehicle for at least 4 more years and Iím already strategizing how I can find the best truck/SUV that I can make last for 10 years when I go to trade this one in and hopefully pay the same for it that Iím paying on this one now.

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    Yes it is, and alot of others as well.

    Wife and I have never had a car payment in 45 years. People make choices and prioritize things differently. Do you, but your situation is often (not always) your own choosing.

    I think this video may be good example of confusing needs and wants.
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