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Thread: What new, unreleased handgun is everyone looking forward to?

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    What new, unreleased handgun is everyone looking forward to?

    HK micro 9 for me.

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    Sig P366 super macrolicious Spectre comp Legion leap year edition.
    Currently Iím still within the acceptable dickhead parameter of PF 2017+.

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    Dan Wesson DWX.

    I got to get my hands on the one at SHOT a couple of years ago and it seemed like it would be a fun gun.

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    Polymer Gen 3 S&W

    Glock with 1911 style manual safety

    A ďrealĒ current production MKIII Hi-Power

    A great current production DAO polymer gun

    You know, the stuff everybody wants.

    Iím not sure of anything that is actually planned that Iím looking forward to. My hope is that there is something cool to me coming out and Iím just unaware of it.

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    For Staccato to stop making the 2011s and re-introduce the Lewis Short recoil pistol, ( the real double stack .45) so I can put a dot on that sweet non reciprocating frame that covers the rear of the slide. Just ignore the other obvious problems, like mag release and safety locations.

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    A snub revolver that works right out of the box. It needs sights that old guys can see and a smooth decent trigger. Various calibers. Front sight should be easily changed by the owner with good aftermarket replacements of various heights for easy sight in.

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    Papua New Guinea; formerly Florida
    New production SACM 1935A's in .30 Super Carry.
    "You win 100% of the fights you avoid. If you're not there when it happens, you don't lose." - William Aprill
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    Gen 6 4Runner.

    There is nothing new coming out that is exciting for me. At least nothing like when the Sig 365 came out. That was a big new thing in a world of compact flat 9s.

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    North Carolina
    Glock 46

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    Walther PPS Plus. I have no idea if they're making one, but here's to hoping.
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