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Thread: Need help for 15 yr olds first guitar purchase.

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    One advantage to a modeler rather than an amp is that she will be able to practice without jeopardizing her hearing--no need to sit next to a cranked Marshall half-stack when learning AC/DC riffs, for example.

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    The Mexican made Tele and Strat models, like the vintera, are around $1000 and made very well. If she wants American and knows which model she likes, Sweetwater often has demo models that save a bit. An American performer strat or tele will probably be just over her $1000 for a demo model or like $1400 new.

    Tele is simpler but both are nice.

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    Surely there must be more than on place like this.
    I'll wager you a PF dollarô 😎
    The lunatics are running the asylum

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    Lex Luthier said everything I would say. In the handful of guitar forums I browse, I see a lot of really good players reporting their favorites are Squiers and Epiphones.

    All I can add to the discussion:

    For that money, a serious play-it-for-life guitar is doable. A used Gibson might be tempting but I would probably warn a new buyer away from one unless you can have an expert check it out. Lex's note about headstock breaks with Gibsons is a real thing. If a repair is done correctly, disclosed to the buyer, and priced accordingly, I would jump all over it. However, not everybody discloses the repair and not all buyers know what to look for.

    The other issue is counterfeit imported Gibsons are out there. I see them pretty regularly on my local craigslist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UNK View Post
    Surely there must be more than on place like this.
    Guitar Center and the online retailers pretty much took away the entry-level and a giant chunk of the mid-range market from local brick-and-mortars. High-end boutique guitar stores have become about the only niche that is holding up.

    In the Dallas area, there's The Guitar Sanctuary and Charley's, just to name two off the top of my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by okie john View Post
    I'm totally willing to be shut down on this, but have a good tech double-check everything and set it up properly so it plays in tune up the neck.

    It's a lot like zeroing a firearm.

    Okie John
    I have to get this fixed on my Strat. I can get my high E perfectly in tune but itís out when I play the higher octave up.

    Appreciate all the good info. You guys are definitely enthusiastic!

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    If she likes the SG then there is nothing wrong with an Epiphone SG Standard. You can pick up a new one for about $500. The important thing is to have it set up properly by a good luthier. Shouldnít cost more than $100. I just had my Andrew White acoustic set up to my liking and the bill was only $65. A recent fret filing and adjustment on my trusty Taylor 410 was well under $200.

    Also make sure it has good quality tuners. My Epiphone Dot came with Groverís and they hold tune really well. Itís a good chance the SG Standard comes with something similar.

    If you want to go a bit further have the luthier install graphtech nut and saddles. Itís not much more and well worth it.

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    Iím on year two of getting back into guitar after a very long pause.

    1) I canít recommended Sweetwater enough.
    2) whatever you get ( from Sweetwater) opt for the upgrade services . They are a bargain at twice the price. Plek, nut upgrades , and tremolo set ups are all well worth it. I bought a $300 Luna acoustic and did nut upgrade and plek and it plays and sounds like a $3000 guitar.
    3) Iíll second and third that the golden age for affordable guitars is upon us. The Indonesian made guitars Iíve bought this year play as well as a $2500 guitar I have made in Japan with custom work from 1995.
    4) combo practice amps are also amazing for sound and volume.
    5) ultimate guitar app is great for tablature.

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    Everyone posting about feel and what not of an amp is 110% right. I say this sitting on front of four Mesa Boogie heads, a Diezel head, and a small build HiWatt clone... Amps matter a ton, feel matters a ton, but I think it's safe to say in the current spot of the future guitar owner in question, is a spot where she won't be able to really tell the difference between small and large transformers vs some modeler.

    The Mustang she has will be great and more than enough to get her into trouble and provide enough to help her navigate her way through the money pit this can become.
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    It's been said that the amp is the real instrument- the guitar just tells it what noises to make.
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