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Thread: Shoe recommendations for new gig

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    I am not your attorney. I am not giving legal advice. Any and all opinions expressed are personal and my own and are not those of any employer-past, present or future.

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    ECCO for the win. When I was a detective and had to wear a shirt and tie every day I had black and brown ECCOs.
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    ECCO shoes seem to be a worthy consideration. Leather uppers? Something that will take Polish?

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    I don't stand 12 hours a day but Algeria shoes have been great for me. My wife has to wear them because of severe rheumatoid arthritis. I had more leg, knee, and foot pain than usual, so she ordered me a pair. I wore out the boots she bought me and got a more summer-type pair the second time. Those are still going strong. If I know I will be on my feet a lot, I wear my Algeria's.

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    Consistent with the customs/practices of your work site, given the load you still have to carry, age, and overall needed fit of your uniform relative to a full on matching suit in the USSS context, I would default to the most comfortable/supportive shoe I could get away with relative to the increase style of many Ecco dress shoes.

    I know that all leather Brooks I linked will take a solid shine. ( That is a whole different rabbit hole, folks ( PD, Agents and Attys too,) looking like they shined their shoes with a Hershey bar but I digress…)

    I first heard about those all leather Brooks from a retired Leawood Ks (very chi chi suburb immediately west of KCMO) PO/Detective. He is 6’4’’ 225 ish, still fit as a fiddle. He started wearing them the year or two before he left job and got on as a CSO in our Courthouse.

    His PD management was a bit snotty but when they saw the shoes could take a quality shine and he told them his DPM said he needed to get out of the issued Bates shoe and dress shoes generally, he made the pivot and has never looked back.

    Thread Drift:

    When I first started as a high school aged sales assoc at Macy’s I bought my first set of “good” shoes-Circa 1981 Florsheim Imperial Wingtips from an old Italian man at Michael’s Clothiers is Downtown KC. As he was selling me this 99.00 shoe he said-“ You got one set of eyes and one one set of feet, never scrimp on shoes or glasses. You gotta have the right shoes for the job…. “That logic wisdom has always stuck with me and has informed my shoes choices ( and subsequent rotation strategy) for the last 40+ years. Unless I am traveling, I simply never wear the same shoes 2 days in a row and they always have shoe trees, cedar for my leather dress shoes/boots at least pplastics ones for travel and the rest.
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    I am not your attorney. I am not giving legal advice. Any and all opinions expressed are personal and my own and are not those of any employer-past, present or future.

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    Back in the day I used to love the comfort and support of Clark's (of England) shoes...but I have no idea if they are still the same company they were years ago.

    The ones I had were more casual looking than styles designed for jacket and tie wear by and large.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vcdgrips View Post
    This all leather brooks is very popular in my neck of the woods.
    Budget for two and rotate and they will last far longer than wearing a pair into the ground and then buying another.

    Budget for good socks as well. I am a huge fan of Darn Tough and Smartwool. Smartwool can be had for 20-30% off with a sharp eye.
    I'm wearing a pair of those in brown suede right now and can vouch for their comfort. And +1 for buying two pairs and rotating them.

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    No LEO experience, but I am on my feet all day, and walk 7-11 miles on pavement, cement, and hardwood floors, stairs, ladders. I find any Florsheim with a rubber sole to be fairly comfortable, I am able to sprint and jump in them, and I always receive compliments on them, from a very fashion oriented crowd.
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    I like Ariat ropers better than conventional loafers or dress shoes. YMMV.
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    My apologies for injecting a question in the OP's thread. I like the Keen shoes for their wide footbed. Do the Ecco's have a similar width? I cannot find a place to try them on within reasonable driving distance.

    Thanks very much, and good luck with the new gig!

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