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I can't imagine what somebody at Taurus did to piss off Bob Cogan, but he is both a very skilled gunsmith & refinisher, and a curmudgeon who does not suffer fools. He has done nearly two dozen projects for me of the last 3 decades, I haven't single complaint.
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I don't know if Virgil Tripp is still doing chrome but he would be my other choice.
Bob Cogan earned his place at the top of the list of refinishers. I readily see how Taurus employees got on his nerves. Unless the situation has changed, those at the warranty/repair center demonstrate that they are uninformed and lack authority to make decisions. If Mr Cogan found a defective part on his customers gun, Taurus policy probably required that he return the gun.

In the past, I jumped up and criticized Taurus at every opportunity. I hear that things are getting better.