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Thread: Homebrew Gunbelt for OWB Carry While Hiking

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    Today I learned you can buy Biothane from Strapworks - thanks OP for inspiring some DIY!
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    Before discussing hiking rigs, I would like to see a Glock model 45 sized 10mm pistol, with a factory MOS cut, forward serrations, the breach face cut, and a Mayhem Syndicate sized compensator. I think the comp would help with running heavy field loads. I also would like the option of a Safariland RDS style holster with a protective hood.

    Based on years of trial and error, if you don't have a waist strap, or just a light waist strap, it almost doesn't matter what you use. I frequently use AIWB as it is size and weight efficient, and protects the pistol from dirt, brush and weather. The hard part is using a heavy pack with a large waist strap. Even something that is dropped doesn't play well with a big, cinched load bearing waist strap. Perhaps the least bad option is a chest holster like the Kenai, although if you sleep wearing your pistol like I do in the tent around bears, I hope you sleep on your side or back.

    When hunting or backpacking, every pound does matter, especially if you will be packing out heavy meat loads. The first time we hunted sheep in the Brooks Range, I had a 50 plus pound pack without rifle, binocs and pistol, and it was brutal on the mountain. Every step hurt in that environment that was completely off trail. The next year, my pack was 29 pounds and the climbing was a delight.
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