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Thread: Stoeger suspended from USPSA

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMF13 View Post
    Some guy who has been to a class that's a few day long, has equipment that's questionable, isn't getting continuing education, and doesn't have well trained peers reviewing their tests, will look like a huge bargain. My guess is that's who will be hired by an organization that is looking to have many people tested, and is experience some financial difficulties.
    I wouldn't put it past the board to spend a little more money to get someone whose interpretation of the results is predetermined.

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    What are they going to do if one of the people who are starting this witch hunt fails the test.

    This is such a waste of members money. Iíd be shocked if they can legally do it. They arenít employees. Iím seeing lawsuits as inevitable if this happens. Which will cost the members even more money.

    People shouldnít leak confidential stuff. Iím not for that. But this is silly.
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