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Thread: Current best QD mount system

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    Current best QD mount system

    I have been out of the suppressor game for some time. The last cans I bought were probably 6-8 years ago. They all work and still do so I had no need to get anything new. Now I want to look to upgrade and add. I am unfamiliar with current mount tech these days. Questions:

    1) Is there a mount that is a standard across different brands (ignoring thread on).

    2) Which mount system is actually quickest on and off?

    3) Which QD mount is best for precision rifle in maintaining its zero? Currently all of my bolt guns are threaded on.

    I would like one mount that can do 2) and 3) nicely. I saw a Dead Air Sandman-K that would be great for 300 SBR and a 308 DMR type AR (it is on sale at my LGS).

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    Interested to see some replies from more experienced members myself.

    My only QD mount experience is with the Surefire SOCOM system (3-4 years worth) and just got a TBAC SR system a couple of weeks ago.

    Neither fit your #1 criteria. Both are proprietary. Not sure any system is a true universal standard. I've read descriptions of a number of suppressors which will accept adapters to allow you to use them with other manufacturers' mounts like ASR, keymo, etc.

    There's a discussion on this very subforum recently of some members not being satisfied with Keymo.

    In terms of #2, the SOCOM is faster, but not by much. You have to line up a tab on the can with a tab on the mount before you tighten down the locking ring. If you know your mount/can, you can put it straight on from the start, then apply a little rotation pressure, then lock the ring. If you don't have the tabs lined up, you have to rotate the can until they do (the can will slide down a bit and the rotation will stop when this happens). So in therory, you should never have to turn the can by more than a single rotation. The SR is almost like a direct thread, you have to rotate the can until it bottoms out on the threads, then turn the lock ring. Thus a little longer time.

    In terms of #3. I've not tried a Surefire QD and the TBAC on the same gun, so no direct comparisons can be made.

    I know for a Sako 6.5 CM, the SOCOM causes the POI to drop by 3 MOA. It's repeatable, and perfectly down, no windage adjustments needed. Same can on a Tikka .308 has a much larger MOA shift. Still repeatable and still straight down.

    Just yesterday i tried a direct thread Surefire and a direct thread TBAC Ultra 7 on a 7mm-08. Both caused the POI to shift up and right, at 100 yards about 2-3 inch with the TBAC being a little less (1/2 to 1 inch difference). Group sizes between the two cans were exactly the same.

    TBAC claims there is no accuracy differences between their QD mount and direct thread suppressors.

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    For QD, Iím a fan of the Q Cherry Bomb, they work on square shoulders but all of my AR barrels are tapered(Class III Machining does great work) and Iíve never had any issues, doesnít require any rocksett and self aligns. Theyíre light, small and effective mounts, no timing or shims, suppressor doesnít move until you want it to come off. I know some people donít like it as a stand alone brake, but I bought suppressors for a reason and donít shoot unsuppressed. The Q Plan B makes a large portion of the market compatible. Thereís also Liberty Precision Machine making aftermarket Cherry Bomb mounts in various brake and flash hider styles styles that are also compatible with the system.

    That being said, Iím personally going moving to direct thread suppressors to cut weight and simplify things. I donít move suppressors around and get one per gun, so QD doesnít make sense for my use. So yesterday I ordered an Sig SLX556C direct thread, 15-20ft-lb of torque on my tapered barrel and itís done, no timing, no shims, no rocksett, nothing, not going anywhere and about 5oz lighter than a QD variant.

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    After all my research I ordered the Deadair Keymo for a Nomad 30. No first hand user experience with it but all reviews I read and watched were positive with the exception of the occasional negative remark about the added weight and length. Sage Dynamics swears by them if that matters to you.

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    I changed all my centerfire rifle silencers over to Keymo earlier this year. No complaints so far.

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    @TGS just changed the OEM mount and muzzle device on his Turbo K to the Griffin Plan A and one of their taper compensators. He sounds happy so far.
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    I'm happy with the YHM QD system. It's a bit heavy but it works.

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