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Thread: New 365 looks like! P365x macro

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    New 365 looks like! P365x macro

    Some oics on Sigtalk today, looks like bit upsized 365, 9mm, spectre porting, 17 rounds. About size of P322 it appears.

    I am in!

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    Copied pic seems interesting,

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    Is this the rumored P320 sized P365?

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    I’m in. I love my 365XLs- they punch far above their weight.

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    Be nice if it was just a new lower and magazines. Getting close if not there of someone’s suggestion to fix the 320 was just make the 365 bigger.


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    The only concern I have is that they’re probably starting to get quite long in the grip. With the 15rd mag inserted, the gun is taller than a G19, somewhere around 5.3” before an optic is added. My hope is that the frame is a native 15rd frame with 17rd extended mags.

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    Maybe there will be a larger safety lever option that comes out of this

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    Maybe there will be a larger safety lever option that comes out of this
    We can hope.

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    Give me a WC module and a Holosun EPS for this and it could become a go to range gun for me.

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    Say it isn't so! I said I would consider switching my Glock allegiance if Sig had a full size 365 to go with the 365 and XLs. It looks like they may have done it. Lets see how they run and the details. If it is just a full-size but magazines keep interchangeability, same FCU and slide swapping (at least between next size up and down versions) and it runs. I might be buying guns and support gear with Glocks being sold or safe queens.

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