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Thread: I mean it's not like I'm not a derelict anymore so wtf

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlongJohnson View Post
    I grew up around MSA's kind of boat people and still know how to eat noodle soup with chopsticks. Michelin Pilot Sports give the best traction for sandals.
    Michelin Pilot Sports?!?!? What are you a bougie Frenchman?

    #OGBoatPeople make their sandles from this!! Go M39 5 ton 6x6 tuck or go home!

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    "carbine-infested rural (and suburban) areas"
    Either French or German, depending on what part of the history book you're reading.

    I guess talking about reading a history book locks in the bougie, though.
    Not another dime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maple Syrup Actual View Post
    Thanks LL!

    I did actually drag the bike out today but I just don't have time to do much with it these days. Things should slow down a bit in the fall and I'll give it a bunch of TLC and maybe I can get some use out of it next summer.
    If you find you're too busy (hey the boy takes time, I understand) - bring it down. It'll look great in my garage next to a derelict Sunbeam and derelict scooter...Together we can keep dereliction great...

    Just kidding, the scooter is going up for sale end of today, because it actually runs and starts and rides (who has time for that?!). But a Moto Guzzi would look good in my garage.

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