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Thread: Reload technique in idpa

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    I kinda figured that would be the case.

    IMO reloads were always part of the fun of IDPA, but it seems most don't agree with that sentiment.
    I agree. I actually like doing reloads just for the experience. 3 matches so far w/ the new SSP rule and I did note a couple of stages where the 16 made it easier but just a couple. I'd be fine though if they went back to 10/11. I have enough mags to load up and not need to reload during the match. So I loaded my 3rd mag for each stage w/ just 10. I figured that 2 mags will do the job unless one fails so better have 3 ready. Then just prior to the 2nd stage I realized that I don't always grab the front most mag so I could grab the 10rnd one by accident. Ah crap, 15/16 in all mags.

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    An update

    So we shot a match couple of weeks ago and found some improvement. The video that JCN posted had some great techniques. In particular keeping the gun up higher while reloading really helps get that next shot going. Talked to a fellow shooter who has really researched the new rules. He is running 3 individual mag pouches. All are adjustable for cant and also hold the mags in bullet out orientation. He showed me how he sets the cant up differently for each mag. Puts his hand down to the area and looks at the angle that his knuckles are at w/ his hand at a normal comfortable angle compared to his forearm. He also grabs the mag and puts his index finger tip right below the bullet. Well not sure we want to do the individual mag pouches but I did mod our Fobus paddle type double mag carriers so the mags are leaning way back. We also insert the mags opposite to before, now it is bullets down. We did some messing around at home w/ this and it showed promise but is hard to simulate a reload when you don't have the gun cycling from the previous shot. The other day we went to the range and realized that working w/ 2 mags, each w/ 1 round worked out well. Load the gun normally w/ a 1 rnd mag and holster. Draw and shoot. Slide locks back. Drop the mag and load the next one. Shoot 1 rnd. Wife decided that she is going to push the mag release w/ her left (support) thumb because it is just too iffy whether she can get it to drop w/ strong thumb. W/ strong hand thumb she can hit the mag release but sometimes releases it too early (because her thumb muscle runs out) so then the mag stops dropping. She did 4-5 cycles, I did 4-5 cycles, she does 3-4 more cycles. She turns to me and says, THIS is a game changer for me. We went though 100 rnds 2 at a time like this. By the end we both had found a huge difference to previous reloads. The one thing she really likes is that once the reload is in and slide released, the gun is maybe 2 inches low and 6 inches closer to her chest than her normal shooting position. So it's very easy to get lined up for the next shot.
    I want to thank everyone who posted to this thread. I started out wanting to help my wife but in the end we are both doing better reloads than ever before. Thanks guys.

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