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Thread: USPSA Nationals Leaves Colorado

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    Everything that USPSA does right now is like the final seen out of Bridge Over The River Kwai, “Madness……..Madness”

    Oh well, I guess we’ll just plan to ride 11 hours in the opposite direction. In fairness, it’s the same distance, but still……..

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    Cameo range IDPA:

    The next IDPA Match at CSEC will be held on July 2, 2022.

    Pre-Registration and Payment on Practiscore Is Required



    This notification applies only to IDPA Matches held at the
    Cameo Shooting and Education Complex Range.
    Statement of Purpose: Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), operator of the Cameo Range, does not allow any person to possess a large-capacity magazine on its properties unless an exception to the prohibition applies to that person.
    Definition: A large capacity magazine is defined as: A fixed or detachable magazine, box, drum, feed strip, or similar device capable of accepting, or that is designed to be readily converted to accept, more than fifteen rounds of ammunition. Large-capacity magazine does not mean: A feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than fifteen rounds of ammunition;
    Enforcement Procedure: Any shooter intending to use a large capacity magazine that was not owned prior July 1, 2013, and continuously possessed since that date, will not be allowed to participate in the match and should not register for the match on Practiscore. All shooters possessing and/or shooting with a large-capacity magazine are required to report to the CSEC office at the Cameo Range prior to the match and sign a “Declaration Regarding Large Capacity Magazines” before participating in the event (see the Declaration form below).
    Match Registration: Registration will not be completed until the shooter checks the box on the registration form indicating that they have read Declaration and understand the CPW requirements. Click Here to see the Declaration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    And IDPA PCC is high cap standard capacity too
    FIFY. With respect, words do matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archer1440 View Post
    FIFY. With respect, words do matter.
    Except that at least for USPSA, a lot of people use higher than standard capacity for PCC.

    A 33 round magazine with a 10 round extension still IMO is high capacity and not standard.
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