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Thread: The Pin Shoot Central Lake MI

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    Great review, Randy. As to the 9mm events, I shot some tables with flat-nose 147 grain subsonic and results were less desirable than the 127 grain +P+.

    It may be significant that when I interviewed the winner of Stock Minor, Richard Hupp, he told me he had used his S&W 627 with full power .357 loads, which have always done well for him at this event. Stock Minor was intended for 9mm, but note that this does not preclude the shooter from using a more potent caliber in that event.

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    Yeah, if confronted with pins needing to be knocked off the table again in the minor event I'd probably just roll with the same Springfield Trophy Match that I used in the Stock Gun event. In fact I would probably shoot it in Pin Gun, Stock and Stock Minor and use my Glock 30 for the CCW event.

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