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Thread: Mr88 and +p and +p+

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    Mr88 and +p and +p+

    How much can this wheel gun handle it seems like its built like a .357 but its not labeled for +p or anything?

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    Based on the amount of steel the MR 88 is built from, Id say youd be fine with .38 special +P.

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    Today's +P loads are no big deal. If a K-frame S&W, or for heaven's sake an 856 Taurus, will handle +P that gun will not even notice them.


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    I thought the MR88 was just a French Fried Ruger Service Six.
    Which we got in .357 Magnum.
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    Metallurgy has everything to do with a handgun's ability to handle pressures and not necessarily thickness of the cylinder or chamber as in the case of pistols. Of course, both are variables. In recent years some J frame models have been and are chambered for .357 Magnum ammo. I'm not disagreeing with others' comments but am making this point.

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    I'd guess that @Outpost75 can give us a good idea on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Dobbs View Post
    I'd guess that @Outpost75 can give us a good idea on this.
    I would see no issues with .38 Sol. +P or +P+ to 23,500 psi.

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