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Thread: Justin Dyal Technical FOF pistol, Blue Force Gear Savannah, GA 16-17 July

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    Justin Dyal Technical FOF pistol, Blue Force Gear Savannah, GA 16-17 July

    There are a couple of remaining seats in the July Technical Force on Force at BFG's excellent indoor air conditioned facility. As of now this is the last opportunity for '22

    What is Technical Force on Force? Tech FOF is an advanced pistol class where the shooter is focused on pistol fundamentals and marksmanship in drills and mini exercises shot against role players and fellow students using marking rounds.

    Past students have keyed on two areas of particular value: 1) Engaging live, unpredictable targets. 2) Pressure testing and validating their techniques and current training emphasis.

    UTM Glock conversions or marking pistols will be provided and man marker rounds are available for purchase at Blue Force Gear.

    A question that often comes up-- Yes you will get shot. Good shooters engaging each other don't miss much. However, the threat of pain(t) turbocharges both perception and learning. We also use a variety of techniques to keep the number of welts each shooter gets to a minimum.

    DM for more info or student references. Since this is a somewhat unique course many folks have questions and I'm happy to field any questions.

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    If you have the ability to attend this class then you need to go for it. This is absolutely one of the best pistol classes that I have ever attended. I've been to a bunch. This is one of the few that I have no issue with dropping the coin to attend time and time again. A link to the AAR I wrote after my first time through is linked below for those who have any questions. I've been back once more since then and am very likely to attend this upcoming class as well as long as the schedule allows... Justin Dyal is local to me and I get to talk with him quite a bit about shooting and gun stuff, the knowledge that just comes up in casual conversation is amazing. I also credit my recent Expert rating at Gunsite quite a bit to Justin's coaching as well. Don't miss it if you can swing it.
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    I attended this class. An episode is forthcoming on it.

    The class was very well done, and Justin is an outstanding instructor.
    I had an ER nurse in a class. I noticed she kept taking all head shots. Her response when asked why, "'I've seen too many people who have been shot in the chest putting up a fight in the ER." Point taken.

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