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Thread: LTT Beretta 1301 shotgun ejection problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snidely Whiplash View Post
    As it stands now Iím hoping to be back at the range this coming Monday or thereabouts with another fifty or so rounds to confirm zero on the Aimpoint and zero the CROM iron sights.
    Check all your mounting screws. They loosen.

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    Update: Back at the range yesterday morning. Another fifty rounds of #LEB127DPRS Federal LE Tactical TruBall Deep Penetrator Rifled Slugs and still not another fail to eject. Total rounds since the last fail-to-eject issue stands at 134.

    I did have an issue where I fired a round and the next round in the magazine failed to load. I pulled the trigger to a ďclickĒ on an empty chamber but could then feel / hear the next shell load itself onto the carrier. I looked and saw there was only the one shell on the carrier, pulled the charging handle which loaded the shell into the chamber, and it fired fine. No problem with about a dozen shells afterward but I have no idea what that was about.

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    Final update: 50 more rounds of the LE slugs this morning and zero issues. Havenít had a chance to try the PB127DRRS in a known reliable shotgun yet but looking more and more like the ammo might have been the issue. Or the shotgun just needed broken in. At 184 rounds since the fail-to-eject malfunctions Iím feeling much better about the 1301.

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