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Thread: Walther new 22 mag pistol

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    I think thereís already a PPQ equivalent in .22LR
    Itís my impression that rigging a .22LR to run with an optic is pretty difficult due to the extra mass and the low power of the round.
    There is a aftermarket slide for the Glock 44 that will run but itís on the ragged edge of reliability.
    The .22 WMR pulls off running optics in the slide reliably with its extra power.

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    There is, I have shot one. If I wanted another PPP (Plastic Plinker Pistole) it would be a tough choice between the PPQ .22 12 shot and the P322 20 shot. The PPQ had a somewhat better trigger, although the P322 isn't bad, as such things go, either is better than my S&W.
    There is a PPQ 5" version that would tip the scale.
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    I donít necessarily want to keep giving this pistol grief but Walther recently sent out an email about this as a field pistol. The ad talked about the funky magazine release, personally Iíd rather a old style heel release for a field pistol, but what stood out to me was that this is a hammered fired pistol with a 4.5 lb trigger and no manual safety. That just seems like a bad idea, I know Glocks and other striker fired pistols have lured everyone into believing manual safeties are overrated, not a a new claim I think the first place I came across it was in A Rifleman Goes to War, but I am curious. Is this just me being an old man or is the lack of a manual safety here a big deal?

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