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Thread: Flamingo and Rob's Tools Presents: Speed Loader Along Belt

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    Very cool.
    I'll be in for a few.
    Barely mediocre with every platform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    Things seem to be coming together...for the six people that carry revolvers in Enigmas we have you covered.
    Seven, not six & I want one too!

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    Color me very interested. Best, Jon

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    I'll take a D frame for sure with the unit that turns into the gut and is above the belt. Innovative, I have a couple of JOX and find them annoying as they solve half the problem of concealing a speedloader.

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    I am really looking forward to increasing my SLOB quotient, as soon as available.

    ”You'd be an idiot if you kept wasting money not buying it.”

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    With the successful launch of the SOS - We're back on SLOB development and production. During pre-production both @Flamingo and I found we could not get the consistent results we wanted from our hand cuts and punching on kydex. While we can build functional versions of the SLOB, we've been inconsistent in overall size. This causes production slowdown, waste, and produced a less than ideal product. To alleviate this, I've done up a technical drawing of the SLOB form and sent it out for conversion into a steel pattern. We're converting to a routing method to cut the SLOBs out and route out our slots and holes. This should produce a much more finished product that we're happy with.

    Patterns should be in next week and we'll be able to hammer away at this problem. We're still hoping for a late October ship date, but that might be a bit ambitious.

    Thanks for sticking with us and we appreciate your patience with two monkeys in a garage trying to figure this out!

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    And just because we like to tease...

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    Very much looking forward to this.

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