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Thread: Flamingo and Rob's Tools Presents: Speed Loader Along Belt

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    Flamingo and Rob's Tools Presents: Speed Loader Along Belt

    It began as a simple mission and we (@Flamingo and myself) chose to accept it - take the now ephemerally available Safariland CD-6 Split-Six style speed loader holder and bring it into the early 21st Century (hey we're revolver guys, we're always two decades behind). Importantly, improve some things about the Safariland holder, namely the poor retention and tendency of 1.5" belts to ride too high and cause unwanted activation of spring-loaded speed loaders (particularly ones like Jet Loaders). We ordered some kydex, grabbed a heat gun, and put two dudes with about 110 IQ points between us on the task.

    What you see below are four prototypes, plus our CD-6 inspiration. We are still in design and prototyping phase. But we've come along enough to feel comfortable sharing with you guys where we are going. We want to gauge if our requisite revolver toters are interested in these. That's partially to figure out how far to push our prototyping beyond, "FUGLY but Functional" to "Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing" and further refine our workflow for potential production.

    Let me walk you guys a bit through what we've done so far and where we're going:

    Figure 1:

    Left, Safariland CD-6 with Jetloader in it. Note that there is no retention besides the spring pressure. These carriers work fine on a square range, they drop loaders if you move fast. You can add an o-ring or some other retention device to these. It helps, but loaders still dislodge easily under movement and Jetloaders easily activate in these.

    Second from left, Prototype 1 shown with an HKS J-Frame loader. This was molded by hand in Flamingo's basement with a heat gun and an Atlas belt. The addition of rolling the edge of the kydex to form a lip, vastly improves retention, however this is basically a vaguely u-shaped hunk of kydex. That said, with the addition of the elastic belt keeper (shown below and to the right), retention was excellent and speed was still there.

    Second from right - Prototype 2 - It's not really a working prototype, but the biggest changes between Proto1 and Proto2 - we made a model to mold around, added a $13 Goodwill toaster oven, and I made a home-made kydex press for us. These changes brought us more uniformity overall.

    Prototype 3 (right). Molded around our model, which is sized to be roughly similar to a Safariland CompII for an L-Frame loaded with .357 Magnums. This is the first Proto with divots to hold a rubber o-ring as our retention device. We are experimenting with o-ring sizes and placement, but what we have uncovered is, this works very well. It adds the right amount of retention without being bulky and is easy to slide on and off. The motion used to put the o-ring on is similar to that of something you might have practiced in 7th grade Health Class.

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    Finally, we have Proto4, which is very similar to Proto3, except we started a bit wider and worked to get our speed loader centered and then rolled lips on both sides. This is where we ended today and where we feel that we're getting a step closer.

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    We are we in this process: Retention is dramatically improved over the CD-6. While access and speed is very similar to the CD-6. Concealment is effectively the same. Are we ready? No, not yet, but we know now where our next steps and refinements will be. Partially, in the realm of improving our aesthetics and our fit and finish. In addition to making a better model for molding, improving our kydex press. We anticipate making at least two sizes for ourselves (J and L), possibly a K-Frame size. Right now you can run a K and L in the same carrier but the retention is best with the L. Increasing retention with the o-ring is one way to keep things simple, but it may be best to have three sizes. We're working to refine if we can run HKS and Comps in the same carrier, you can run Jetloaders and Comps in the same carrier currently.

    How can you help us? Give us a sense if you're interested at all - and what size(s) you might be interested in.

    So there you have it: Flamingo and Rob's Tools Present the SLAB.

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    Looks promising!
    Quote Originally Posted by caleb View Post
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    That is awesome.

    Yell if you want someone to try a J-Frame HKS proto in ECQC.

    Keep at it, gents.
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    Absolutely like the way you're thinking! K frame and or D frame for sure.

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    You keep me posted about when you're ready to start selling these, because I didn't grab any JOX pouches before they went defunct.

    I'm in for J-frame and GP100/L-Frame sizes.
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    My experience is that you’ll need separate sizes for K and L frames. It’s also my experience that HKS, Safariland, and Jet Loaders for a given size work in the same holder.

    I fried my ten-year-old laptop two days ago, should have my new computer up and running tomorrow. I’ll send some pictures of the speedloader holders I bought about 15 years ago about the time they were discontinued. They work well and might give you some ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeke38 View Post
    Absolutely like the way you're thinking! K frame and or D frame for sure.
    I have to find them, but I have D-Frame and K-Frame loaders on hand. They should be close enough to be interchangeable.

    For folks who want to know: We have HKS loaders in J, K, L, and D-Frame sizes, Safariland CompII and CompIII in K and L-Frame, and Jet Loader in K-Frame. So as we're prototyping we're checking fit and function across a range of loaders.

    Our initial thought was to go universal like the CD-6. But I think now we're leaning towards different frame sizes to improve fit and function. The upside to universal is - one carrier to rule them all. The downside is, your retention is one-size fits all too.

    I have a couple of other patterns and designs I'm working on, but nothing ready to prototype yet.

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    Great idea and they look promising.

    A few things I've found with the jox and safariland pouches is that the stomach pushes them out a little and rolls the belt. One thing I found is that the larger duty belt pouches with Chicago screws in the bottom made a lever to help rotate the speed loader in.

    A longer "shank"? Might do the same and if you use a screw it might allow to use thinner or thicker belts.
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    Cool project. Looking forward to seeing the final result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    How can you help us? Give us a sense if you're interested at all - and what size(s) you might be interested in.
    If you're willing to ship internationally, I might be interested in K- and N-frame sizes. (Yes, I do realize that at no point in your post did you mention N-frame sized speed loaders. I am assuming that you simply forgot to mention them, since everybody has at least one N-frame revolver, right? )
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