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Thread: SIG P365 - Safety Catch Was Pushed Up While Trying To Reassemble Slide/Frame

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    SIG P365 - Reassemble Slide To Frame Without Safety Lever Pushed Down - Cause Damage?

    I ran into this problem while trying to slide the slide back on to lock to the rear, somehow didn't read carefully enough and thought this had something to do with manual safety only versions. Anyways, figured out by looking at pistol that it was hanging up there in the way and then pushed it down. ONLY THEN, did I happen to catch my error in the manual after trying to reassemble. Did I cause damage to this chassis/parts somehow? I'm not a strong person, so I feel it's unlikely and I've learned not to force things that don't seem to want to 'go' over the years. Just thought I'd ask someone qualified here before putting this into service or bothering SIG about it and getting some of their famous customer service.

    P.S. Why on earth would this design be considered acceptable? I can think of no other pistols that require such a detailed field strip reassembly, I mean that part is TINY! Seems odd and can't help but wonder why...
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    I donít know about your particular pistol, but I did that a few times on one of mine when they first came out and no ill effects years and thousands of rounds later.
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    P365 armorer.

    Highly doubt youíve done any damage at all. Function check it, perform live fire test, and Iím guessing you wonít have any issues.


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