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    Magwell Question

    Recently acquired a G17 gen 3 with the unfortunate cut out on the front strap. Have always liked the Magpul for it's low profile on other gen 3's so I stupidly grabbed one for this 17. Needles to say it did not cover the cut out ( and looked silly ). In looking for low profile alternatives, no joy. Looked at all the usual sources and could not tell from photos or descriptions if any would cover the gap. Sent email questions with no reply. So I thought I would tap into the knowledge base here to see if anyone was aware of such a magwell that would both cover the cut out and work with standard baseplates.

    Thanks y'all.

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    I've got three gen3 22P pistols with the frame cut-out and Agency Arms EDC magwells. On these three it covers the cut-out and works with OEM 10-rd magazines.

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    I recognize that magwell looks play a bigger role for some, and I respect that. That said, I run the Magpul Magwell on my G17.3 and it works fine for me---probably because it does have a positive effect on loading, I can't feel the front notch, and although I do admire the nicer milled aluminum magwells I'm probably too cheap to invest in one.

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    Thanks very much for the input !

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    I have the Agency Arms Magwell on two Gen3 Glock 17's and really, really like them. I'm not concealing the G17, and use these guns first and foremost for classes. The magwell is really nice, doesn't look like a giant funnel on the gun, doesn't 't really add much more to the firearm and for a magwell is fairly low profile. Works with OEM baseplates and also works flawlessly with Vickers baseplates, which I have on all my Glock mags.

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