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Thread: RFI: Outdoor AV Equipment

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    RFI: Outdoor AV Equipment

    Anyone have a screen/projector/speaker setup they are happy with for outdoors? Want to recommend something (links appreciated)? or give me an idea what to look for or consider?

    Older daughter's birthday is coming up and she's having a sleepover (god help us). Wife and her have decided that they'd like to be able to sit in the pool and watch movies. Also, this could be something we could use when we are camping or otherwise out in the campervan (with concessions, obviously, to light and noise pollution and other campers).

    My thinking is that this may all be a tall order. Needs to be bright enough to work outdoors (where it's never really "dark") with sound quality enough to be able to hear what's happening, and a "screen" that's portable enough (not to mention the projector and speaker fitting in the campervan). The screen solution that's being proposed is "inflatable" but given our two use-cases I don't know that this is necessary. I'm thinking a sheet or rollup screen with some weights on the bottom might better serve our purposes.

    for the outdoor/home use, we have a sound system by the pool, so perhaps there's a way to co-opt that for the home use. I have a sony amp that I haven't hooked up yet but this might be enough impetus to do that. I think it even does the Apple screen sharing. Or I could just break down and plug in an apple tv.
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    During early COVID, my son and his friends would hang out in the yard and watch movies... They used a roll-up screen, hung on the fence. Amazon. They used a bed sheet for a while but Wife upgraded him for his birthday.

    There are lots of options for sound. You have to play a movie using an electronic device and most devices have speakers. Quality Meh. They went with Bluetooth speakers connected to a laptop. You can get a decent sound bar with BT as well... If your existing sound system has BT, that's the best option. If you can plug in to the sound system using a cable (3.5mm or RCA), long cables can be had pretty inexpensively from uncle Jeff.

    Wife picked up an inexpensive projector from Amazon that worked well.... I think it was an earlier version of this one... LINK. Showing me a price of $90 before a 25% coupon right now. Nearly 18K reviews and 4+ stars. Our yard is fairly dark, mostly just moonlight and some minimal light from the streetlights. You'll need to figure out what lumens you need..
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