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Thread: Don't Say "I've Got a Gun!"

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    I had a high stess stop performed on me in Vegas the only way I knew it was happening was I saw the officer unsnap his firearm as he was walking up to my window.

    I let him know with my hands on the steering wheel that I had a concealed weapons permit in Nevada and a firearm on my person and where it was at. I also had rolled down all four windows before he even got out of his vehicle.

    I let him instruct me on what to do.Afterwards he let me know that my vehicle with the my extra passengers I had in it fit the general description of a vehicle that had just robbed a store a few blocks over.

    I can see where that could go south really quick if you don't do the right thing. I could feel the stress on the officer as he walked up and spoke with me and I felt the stress in myself knowing that this wasn't just a normal traffic stop. It was a adrenaline ride for a few minutes there until everything got sorted out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zincwarrior View Post
    There are multiple, more civilized states, where no license is required. What then?

    Even though we don't need a CHL any more, I still have one and would have it in my hand, even though it shows up on the data terminal.

    I haven't been pulled over in three decades though.
    Like you I decided to maintain the license. I think that folks who carry weapons must use common sense when encountering police officers. This statement has been valid for at least 300 years. Now that Texas has constitutional carry, cops now will interact with more legally armed people than before. Before I comment further, I will say that I don't object to constitutional carry. However, I have seen numerous numerous people walking around with their Glock in an Uncle Mike's holster. Regardless of the holster brand, most looked like dumb asses.

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    We're not required to disclose whether or not we are armed, so I go with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. When LE runs your tag, they get that you have a CWP. When I was pulled over last fall, he didn't ask and I didn't tell or make furtive movements. He cited me and we both went on our way.
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