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Thread: The Handgun Carousel Ride, Intervention Needed!

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    Thanks to Pistol Forumís straight talk I realized that I was never going to stop collecting toys, itís my favorite way to spend money. Because of that I needed to adjust my training.

    Since 2018 or so Iíve had a strict rule. 80/20.

    80% of my training time (range, dry fire, etc) goes into my LCP, my Glock 17 and 19, my Smith Shield 9, and my AR. Those are my actual carry and home defense tools so those get the bulk of hands on time.

    The other 20% is whatever the flavor of the week is. Right now itíll be the Sig M17-B. In July when I pay off the last $50 to close the layaway, itíll be my Smith E-series 1911. But at most 20% of my range time will be spent with those.

    I have found this to be a very satisfactory solution. I get to try out new stuff but always keep a sharp edge with my actual life-defending primaries.

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    I would look at what you can realistically buy and carry (if you're going to/allowed to carry). Buy that, keep the rest (or sell if you absolutely must) and move forward with practice.

    Start with realistic scenarios and crossing off what doesn't work. If you live where carrying is allowed are you actually going to carry a G19 or Beretta? Many people don't because of size. Comfort wise, for me, a j frame revolver in the front pocket is less comfortable than a HK USP 45 IWB. S&W 5906 is cool but has the weight of 2 loaded G19s!!

    Maybe you're overall better off with something like a Shield!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BN View Post
    I'm 76 years old. I hopped on the Carousel sometime in the distant past. You can't get off.

    I think it started with my first cap pistol and then I moved to the better Fanner 50 then a Stallion 45 and it hasn't stopped since.

    Enjoy your ride.
    Oh boy...that's just what I was afraid of!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    My issue with Glocks for training as opposed to a DASA is the lack of dry follow up trigger presses with wall and break.

    That can be overcome with a Glock Store reset trigger or a SIRT.

    I appreciate that the m&P allows for additional trigger pulls. Just doesnít ďclickĒ

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    Quote Originally Posted by HammerStriker View Post
    Oh boy...that's just what I was afraid of!
    Ultimately you're not going to actually ever get off the carousel. Something always comes along. At least you're kept in forced firearm poverty by the gov. Come out to a different state and watch your dollars really disappear. I swore off buying any more because why? and I've been pretty good about it. I have what I need and then some. And yet this year already 2. But to be fair I got rid of 2 so by accumulation I'm even! [emoji849]

    But seriously though... there's always something new that "makes sense". Most people carry a different gun from the one they practice with. Everyone was into the single stack 9s for about a decade, then Sig brought out the 365. Instant game changer. Everyone who had a Shield, Kahr, Walther PPS, ..etc.. all flocked to the 365. After that all other manufacturers started making their own version of the micro compact 9. And they're all popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BN View Post
    I'm 76 years old. I hopped on the Carousel sometime in the distant past. You can't get off.

    I think it started with my first cap pistol and then I moved to the better Fanner 50 then a Stallion 45 and it hasn't stopped since.

    Enjoy your ride.
    I am 77 and off the carousel and not just in the past year.
    When I look at a new gun, I think "What will it do to help me shoot better or be better armed?" So far, the answer has been "Not much." for about four years.

    I fondly remember the Stallion .45 with its actual gate loading cartridges. But being a true sixshooter, it was not competitive with the Fanner 50 and other roll cap guns. My last toy gun before the Daisy, Crossman... Stevens, Marlin was a "paper buster." Zero "ammunition" cost.

    As to the OP, do we know what your Final Choice pistol is to be FOR? I have not seen you mention LE, CCW, home defense, or competition. The Internet "Range Gun" is kind of a squishy concept.
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    This is a great thread-both for the OP in his query and for the rest of us already on our journey.

    If you perceive a significant requirement of carrying and using a gun (presumptively on duty) as a threat management tool (i.e., with the gun drawn to control {visiblle application of potential lethal force}, Darryl's article on LEM is a gread must-read-not just for LEM, but for comparing and assessing other actions.

    On my LEM journey, which I've detailed on p-f, my ultimate conclusion was that the best configuration FOR ME on my P30L LEM was in it being modified (by HK, with a Medium trigger return/rebound spring) to have more trigger resistance before "the wall" and the trigger break point was reached (changing it from V1 to "V1.5"). That gave it more of a DAO feel, which resonated and works best FOR ME. It was, and is a great duty gun, and I can use it acceptably well in IDPA.

    I almost hate to admit it, but one of the pistols that I naturally index with and shoot well with is my venerable DA/SA Ruger P89....

    Other great defaults are a Glock G19/G17/G45/G26, or a Beretta 92.

    I think a key criteria would be to identify the platform/action that best fits the preponderance of your needs best, and then concentrate on it. One suggested clue: CA restrictions or not, capacity should probably not be real high on your list in the overall criteria scheme of things in my opinion...

    There will always be glittering temptations, but if you draw up a use matrix and dispassionately apply it, it'll stop a bunch of frivolous spur-of-the-moment/hotness purchases. (Or it'll make you cheat on your matrix....)

    Best, Jon

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    Quote Originally Posted by HammerStriker View Post
    I am starting to feel like I am wasting money.
    You are.

    Has anyone else been on and endless quest to find the perfect pistol?

    How did finally get off of this carousel ride? What action did you pick and why?
    There isn't a perfect option. Most guns don't fit me well. The few that fit me well don't come with the options I prefer. I can't get everything I want in a handgun. So I pick the stuff that's most important and drive on. Some things are deal breakers. Some things are minor annoyances.

    I'm carrying a Gen5 Glock 17 because I needed a gun I could easily dot, that I could safely AIWB carry (The SCD achieves that) and that would be reliable. It achieves all of those things.

    It has the ergonomics of a 2x4 with a cheese grater stapled to it and the fit to my hand is so poor that if I don't put medical tape on my shooting hand I'll be bleeding inside of a single box of ammo. But it does those things I listed and my carry gun, at least, is accurate as hell.

    The M&P fits me much better...but it's also more of a pain in the neck to get set up and running because of getting the parts I want to customize on it, waiting for a holster, etc. And then there's the magazines I need to buy for the thing which I'd rather not do...etc.

    Swapping pistols is rudely expensive when you factor in support gear, customizations, ammo spent working all that shit out, etc. This doesn't mean you just pick something at random and stick with it no matter what. If you can clearly identify an advantage to something else and you're willing to invest the time, effort, and money into it go nuts.

    If you think "Maybe X will..." then forget about it unless time, money, and effort are in abundant supply for the endeavor.

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    To me this is simple. You shoot the P01 best, and, in your words, it's "sexy," meaning you like it. So put the others away and SHOOT IT, and nothing else, for a year. The DA/SA trigger will challenge you and make you better with nearly any other trigger system (except the LEM).

    Since you're in CA, I'm guessing carry is pretty much out of the picture, so there's no need for a smaller, lighter pistol.

    The alternative is to go Glock all the way. It'll give you tons of options to fiddle relatively inexpensively - trigger shapes, connectors, springs, sights, holsters, etc. Problem being Glock is not well known for reliable 10-round magazines, so that might interfere with your reliability search.

    If you're LE or otherwise partially or fully exempt from CA's idiotic rules, then it's Glock, Glock, or Glock - for size efficiency, reliability, parts and accessory availability.

    I'm NOT in a communist state, so I have my G19s as my "end of the world" guns, and a Shadow 2 optics ready for my primary fun "range gun."

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    Archer not arrow.

    No such thing as a perfect pistol.

    Until you commit to being a better archer, youíll keep hunting for a better arrow.

    Thatís gotta go in the sig line. Well said.
    ďArcher not arrow. No such thing as a perfect pistol. Until you commit to being a better archer, youíll keep hunting for a better arrow.Ē


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