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Thread: Organic gelatin Vs Clear Gel

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pins View Post
    I wouldn't call it a “fascination” so much as just making a distinction between the two.
    Clear gel vs. Type 250A gel isn't distinct enough, so now we invent an indistinct term to describe Type 250A gel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polecat View Post
    Lastly, is there any equivalent to actual bone? Say for example, a 1” walnut board is similar to the average sternum, or skull?
    When I was testing, I used oak planks as similar hardness to cortical bone.

    But it’s all estimation because bone curvature and variable thickness.

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    Currently I’m still within the acceptable dickhead parameter of PF 2017+.

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    Wow guys! Once again the A team delivers! Thanks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    I got several warnings on arfcom when I would say how your clear gel testing doesn't correlate to organic gel.


    Anyways, if only we had a renown, top-tier subject matter expert on all this as a regularly participating member here…
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