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    Hello, everyone,
    I have been searching the internet for lead-free ammunition and I thought that I had found one. It's (SINTER FIRE NXG 9MM LEAD-FREE BALL AMMO). It was delivered (5/14/2022) today. But I am very disappointed. I mean, it clearly states on top of the box, in bold letters, LEAD-FREE BALL AMMUNITION. It also says that the PRIMER IS LEAD-FREE, which they say is safe for indoor and outdoor use. But on the side of the box, which they do not display online, there are fine prints that say: " DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS, INCLUDING LEAD, ARE RELEASED DURING THE FIRING OF CARTRIDGES. USE ONLY OUTDOORS IN A WELL-VENTILATED AREA. Is that not TOTAL DISHONESTY and DECEPTION.

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    Maybe it’s a LEGAL DISCLAIMER.

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    Did you contact the manufacturer for clarification or did you just register on an unrelated forum to complain? Their website does not show NXG as having a lead free primer, the GL line does, but it does say NXG is suitable for indoor ventilated training.
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    Their website says the NXG line uses standard primers. Maybe call them or email them.

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    I’ve had that discussion with a few manufacturers of “lead free” projectile that have leaded primers (which is the primary exposure for indoor ranges).

    But also keep in mind that inhaling other peoples primer smoke also affects your lead levels and happens indoors.

    So far, one of the only truly lead free primers is the “catalyst” primer from Federal on their Syntech line.
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