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Thread: Top 5 Modifications you should make to a 1911 - Bill Wilson & Massad Ayoob

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ View Post
    Appreciate the discussion, a lot. Every once in a while, I contemplate the prospect of "having the 1911 experience". And here one of these threads pops up. I find it very informative to listen to you guys discuss the pros and cons from an actual owner / shooter point of view. So far I'm not ready to make that plunge from a $ and time point of view. I don't have to expend any resources but I feel like I learn a good bit.
    For the true 1911 experience, I understand Gunsite has a camp ground. I’m just saying…

    @Erick Gelhaus

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    For the true 1911 experience, I understand Gunsite has a camp ground. I’m just saying…

    @Erick Gelhaus
    Since this thread isn't necessarily about shooting 1911's, rather what makes a good one, I've got a little bit different take on the 1911 experience:

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    Since I'm in the class that starts May 16th, I'll have some comments on the 24th.

    And, Crete (where he currently does the classes) has a campground, also:

    And here's a video about the process:
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    For the true 1911 experience, I understand Gunsite has a camp ground. I’m just saying…

    @Erick Gelhaus
    Taking Vickers' build a 1911 class cured my fascination and removed any thought of ever being a gunsmith. It also started the end of a twenty year run carrying them for work.

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    Another mod that is possible is to fit the gun to your hand. The 1911 is an early modular handgun. You can change the trigger between long and short and the mainspring housing between flat and arched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamonL View Post
    You can change the trigger between long and short and the mainspring housing between flat and arched.
    And the skinny grips.

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    Good catch. I did forget slimline and standard grip panels. So if you think about it, the HK P30 grip has a similar idea to the 1911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maple Syrup Actual View Post
    Stuff like this is old hat to me but at the same time...whenever I hang out with boat guys who aren't hard core gun guys that own boats, but hard core boat guys that own a gun or two...they ask me stuff about guns and in particular 1911s since I've built a few of those and make no secret of my pointless and atavistic enjoyment of that platform.

    Anyway, the number of guys who've asked questions that are basically the ground covered by this video is probably in the dozens. I bet it's the the most common thing I get asked about that isn't "what 1911 should I get" but it almost is the answer to that question, as well.

    I think it's easy to forget that the PFC readership represents a tiny component of gun culture. We all know this, but at the same time, I think when we see stuff that's aimed at a broader audience, we forget this and say "I don't need that."

    Which may be true, but it remains needed. I'll save this one in my list of stuff I send out to people who've asked questions as they look for a first 1911, because the advice is good, and the pedigree of the guys is recognizable even to most fairly casual gun enthusiasts.

    Personally, I can't do GI tang safeties: ever since my hands were replaced with the paws of an actual gorilla in a groundbreaking but fictional operation forty years ago, the amount of meat on them means the web piles up over the safety when I grip it as high as is typical for me.

    I want a beavertail, Novaks or similar, an extended safety which I prefer to be long but narrow, a clean trigger, and front strap checkering or serrations. Everything else is a bit negotiable to me but that's the basis of a 1911 I'm going to like, assuming the function stuff is all good like the barrel timing etc. I can be a bit flexible on thumb safeties but I don't like the original nubs that much. On guns I have built for myself I grind the frame and tang safety up and forward for a higher grip, but it's not critical IMO.
    @Maple Syrup Actual nailed it.

    Being a little more familiar with that particular video than most, I'd remind viewers that in the first 30 seconds we pointed out that this particular segment was done at the request of channel viewers. Bill Wilson had a lot to do with promoting the modifications most of us here now expect to come standard on 1911s.

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    I wish that somebody would make a 1911 with:

    1. Sights you could see
    2. Controls that were big enough to manipulate easily (mag release/slide stop/hammer)
    3. Was a loose 4 inch a 25 yrd gun
    4. Came with 3 Wilson ETM or Chip McCormick Power Mags
    5. Ran like a box stock OEM G17 Gen 5-every time.
    6. Not too sharp on the edge i.e. Colt-way too sharp, Kimber Series 1 much better, Ruger today- probably right there.
    7. 5 ish pound trigger with a bit take up
    8. Beavertail/lowered ejection port/beveled mag well

    799.99 out the door all day long (which is 1.5 times the price of a G17 to non Blue Label type folks.)

    I fully acknowledge that individual examples of Springfield/Rugers and Turkish/Filipino offerings meet the mark with the exception of the mags. But IMHO, not gun for gun, all day long relative to a G17.

    A man can dream...
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    The Springfield Garrison is close to what you are looking for. It might need a little work, but its close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious View Post
    not sure I'd wanta spend almost $3Gs for a COLT CUSTOM COMPETITION S70 45 AUTO 5" 8-RD PISTOL so I can, like someone mentioned, 'tinker' with it and then daily carry the expensive handgun for my exclusive SD device.

    nightmares of using it, winning the case but then having the firearm destroyed by court order.
    Your thinking matches mine.

    Setting aside the issue of seeing a gun disposed of as a result of some legal shenanigans...

    If I am going to drop $3,000 (or more) on a 1911, it damn sure better run without need of 'tinkering'. Maybe I'm wrong and have an incorrect mindset where it comes to the design (I've been ''out'' of the 1911 for longer than I care to admit), but these days, carrying a 'soul-less' but 'proven' polymer pistol (in this case, a Glock 17) makes more sense to me for its almost "disposable" nature (thinking of the Bic lighters that can be bought for about a buck apiece).
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