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Thread: Jail guard and inmate - day 5

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    I vote for a Russian special rescue operation.

    We had to shoot the windows out to rescue the occupants.
    In the P-F basket of deplorables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyDuty View Post
    Being a pervert is a burden.

    BWC in this context, please?
    Body Worn Camera
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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    Body Worn Camera
    Ya coulda let'em stew for a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    The hate is because she's a traitor and a moron, and both draw contempt and derision. She put both the community and the officers in the law enforcement response in danger. She wasted resources in an "industry" that is dangerously low on resources as it is. And she did it with a long term plan, not spur of the moment, but still did it so fucking stupidly. I have zero sympathy for her and my only regret is her boyfriend didn't punch out with her.
    Well said BBI. I teach people not to fall into these kind of traps and manipulation. Usually it's someone low ranking or civilian staff. Not a high ranking official that should certainly be able to make better decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feudist View Post
    Am I a good man? No.
    But, am I trying to be better? Also no.
    Sidebar: this made me LoL.

    Carry on…
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    I also feel like it's worth mentioning.

    Vicki White liberated a violent criminal and empowered him with tools to maximize his ability to be violent.

    That AR-15, a taser, the numerous handguns...

    Those probably weren't going to be used for hunting wild game as those last few dollars disappeared.

    So then that's armed robberies, bank/store robberies, kidnappings or extortion. But certainly violent crimes. It's not like they either had anything in the way of marketable job skills.

    People were likely going to die once that money ran put.

    So color me completely un sad that she killed herself. Fuck her and her boyfriend and their wannabe Bonnie and Clyde BS.

    If nothing else, it saved the cops, lawyers, psychologists, and judges the hassle of having to sift through whatever insanity plea she tried to put through the legal system and nobody had to listen to her bullshit.

    And I don't usually say that. The Ol' "Saved the courts the trouble" statement isn't my usual thing. But in this case I'm just completely uninterested in her fucking justifications.

    I'm just glad she killed herself and he was caught before they ran out of money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwb377 View Post
    I've seen a couple of BWC videos posted on FB by involved agencies from the end of the pursuit (don't know how to embed here)...she was still breathing while they had to use tools to extract her from the vehicle. Not sure if she expired on scene before transport, during transport, or at the hospital. But I imagine she had enough time for retrospect on the last phase of her life and some "If I had it to do over again..." contemplation.
    On the you-tube, I found this video. The part about the female perpetrator being removed, from the vehicle, on BWC footage, starts about 6:00 minutes into the video.

    The whole video is worth watching, IMO.

    I am SO VERY grateful that no LEOs were seriously hurt during this whole escapade.
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