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Thread: Judo Question

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    I say do it.

    I’m by no means a judo expert. However, in the martial arts classes I took in highschool we did a lot of breakfall practice and some judo throws. From being hit head on by a (slow moving) car while riding a bicycle without injury to falling off dirt bikes or slipping on icy stairs I’ve used “learning how to properly fall or properly fly and fall” more than any other skill we trained in real life situations.

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    I took Judo classes for a couple of summers while I was a kid.
    I can legitimately say that the break falling has saved me (and at least one other) from serious injury numerous times since then.
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    Any non-zero amount of time training / learning is better than zero amount of time training / learning. Don't rob yourself of the opportunity just because you can't go full tilt.
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    In the distant past I took a few years of Jujitsu before BJJ hit the scene and it was very Aiki oriented, lots of break falls. Good stuff.

    But that's not much of a contribution to your thread.

    This is however. Check out this throw!
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