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Thread: Need a cheek riser…

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    Need a cheek riser…

    Now that I’ve cut down my Benelli M1 stock, I need a cheek riser to get good positioning with the Leupold DPP. Before I cut the stock, I had a Triad Tactical cheek pad/shell carrier/storage compartment. The Triad piece is now too long for the stock and I like the gun looking more simple without it.

    I was looking at stick-on style pads and found KICK EEZ and GOD’A GRIP. I have no experience with either. The GOD’A Grip looks lice and compact, but I’ve never heard or them before. I’ve heard of Kick EEZ for their recoil pads, but not their cheek pad. Their pads come in different thicknesses, but it doesn’t say if I can cut them to fit.

    If anyone here recommends one or the other, please share your thoughts?

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    I mounted a Titan cheekrest on my Benelli when I ran an optic on it...worked great.

    I use the same riser on my Titan 10/22 and factory Tikka T1X stocks.

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    That looks good! I only need about 1/4” so this might fit the bill. I already ordered a Cheek EEZ pad to test out but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll look into the Titan.

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    KWB377…. The more I look at your pics the more I like the Titan cheek rest! If possible, could you give me a few measurements? I need to know how long the piece is and how far the sides fit down over the stock. If you could give me a rough measurement of the sides flaps with no spacers, that would be great!

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    Hopefully this will help...if you need more pics, let me know.

    I have one 1/4" spacer installed on this stock.
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    PERFECT!!! Thanks… just placed an order!

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    My Cheek EEZ pad arrived yesterday and my Titan riser should’ve here some time today. I was test fitting the Cheek EEZ pad and found it overlapped the rear sling plate on my M1 about 1/2”. You can cut them but just make sure you use a SHARP razor blade. My first cut went well, but my second cut with the same blade left a torn and ragged edge. I replaced the blade and trimmed off the ragged edge by 1/8” and it cut clean.

    Now I’m just waiting for the Titan to see which I’ll go with.

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    My Victor Co Titan cheek riser arrived today! Install was a breeze. I thought I only needed 1/4” rise, but after playing around with if, I realized that the full 3/4” rise was the way to go for my application. 1/4” put the stock on my jaw, 3/4” saw a proper cheek weld!!!

    An additional benefit of using both riser plates is that the riser doesn’t hang over the Benelli’s rear sling mount as much…Name:  BF5A4379-337F-471B-A949-49F1D7914451.jpg
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