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Thread: John Lovell Offends Anyone Born Before 1980

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suvorov View Post
    1971 here and Iím a M9 and SIG fanboy. Speaking as a Gen-x er Iíd say 1970 is your cutoff.
    Also Gen-Xer and I'd say anyone who survived the Clinton AWB is more likely to be a fan of big ol' single stacks and the .45. Did I mention how many P220s I own?
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    Born after 80. Love 1911s. Also know mine is a money pit that I do not know if Iíd ever actually carry. Maybe if I had Wilson/Nighthawk money. But then Iíd probably bitch up and not want to lose it if I need it. So yeah back to not carrying it.

    Not offended in the least by this.

    Have we not had most the bigger named YouTube guys do the same thing since it started? Say Glocks and etc. are better carry guns and then people got butt hurt.

    Hell, Kyle Lamb went into Mogadishu without a damn sidearm because he seen too many unit 1911s choke.

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    1960 guy here. Went all in on the Colt's Government Model in my youth. Sent it to Pachmayr for a Combat Special package. It accompanied me to a couple wars, augmenting the Model 15 Smiths we were issued prior to the M9s. It is beautiful and accurate pistol and will always have a special place in my heart. However, nowadays, I carry DA/SA CZs and HK LEMs. Although I may get stoned for heresy, I would carry any one of my S&W sixguns into a fight before a 1911. If I tell you I don't like Glocks, can I get a pass on the 40 lashes?😁

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    I took it as light-hearted, mischievous and intentionally-provocative hilarity.

    He was basing an opinion on a modified, by God knows who, Kimber with magazines of unknown pedigree along with what looked to be garbage grips and unmatched sights. Looks like he's trying to race with it prior to getting a lot of reps with it. I respect the obvious commitment to safety while running and gunning displayed.

    As someone who's always owned glocks and has only recently delved into 1911's, all of his observations are not without merit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokarev View Post
    Anyone born before 1980 is probably super fond of the 1911. Anyone born after probably not so much.
    Nope. Born early 50s, my two Series 70 Colts spend 364 days a year in the safe. Currently carrying a G45, usually carrying a PX4 or P99C or a 3" M10-7.

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    I get so tired of these young whippersnappers, tide pod eating, millennials disrespecting the greatest side arm invented by man.

    We could isolate Russia totally from the world and maybe they could apply for membership after 2000 years.

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    I've owned or own and enjoyed shooting Beretta's, 1911's, and revolvers, but with rare exception carry and compete with Glocks. As much as I love the history, aesthetics, and soul of 1911's a modern Glock, Sig, etc is for me a much more practical defensive sidearm for a number of reasons. Hell, I don't even currently own a holster for my 1911! I think of it much like my fondness for classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles. I'd love a classic Mustang, CJ, F100, etc but not as a daily driver I'd need to depend on in a pinch.

    This reminds me I need to order a holster for my Commander... Something appropriate in leather.

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    One advantage of having been born in 1961 is that I got to hate the original Glock G17, in real time, at its introduction.

    Actually, I was not a hater. I simply did not favor the grip ergonomics, or the very-mechanically-feeling trigger pull. Gen3 introduced a tolerable-for-me grip, and Gen4 introduced a grip that worked quite well for me, and still does. I am fine with Glocks, even though I doubt that I will never shoot one nearly as well as I have been able to shoot 1911 pistols, SIGs of their classic era, or medium and large revolvers.

    I liked Germanic firearms, early on; I owned a pair of HK P7 pistols, by 1985, and even had a PD-spec flap-type duty holster custom-made, so that I could carry one while on duty, in uniform, working for a PD that had a quite wide-open duty pistol policy, back in the day. It was the adoption of open-top retention holsters, for duty revolvers, that prompted my transition back to a duty revolver. (The draw, from the flap holster, was, well, slow, and Iíd already had one bad scare, when someone justifiably needed shootiní.)

    Even though my first pistol, in 1982 or 1983, was a 1911, I did not own a 1911 that fed JHPs reliably, until the Nineties, so I did not depend upon a 1911 to be a carry or duty handgun during my early handgunning years.
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    To me, who was born before 1980, the 1911 is the best looking pistol ever made.

    It gets a lot of grief for a lot of silly reasons but I would rather take one to war than the current military choice.
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