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Thread: Anybody carry a J frame as second gun while hiking? How?

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    In the desert, looking for water.
    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    While I am respectful of both, snakes scare me more than bears.
    There are more of them than bears in AZ, and far more likely to bite a person or dog than a bear is to attack.

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    I always yield the right of way to snakes. That forked tongue freaks me out too.

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    Well gents..I live in N. AZ also. And I also have an Airweight Bodyguard J frame, but itís never occurred to me to carry it with snake shot!

    I was out hiking in Secret Canyon in Sedona just yesterday and was thinking about snakes in the back of my mind but didnít see any.

    But now youíve got me thinking for sure. I never carry my 638 anymore pretty much so might as well bring it along on hikes, loaded w shot.

    So the CCI .38 snake shot works well out of an Airweight?

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