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Thread: Knocking out some .357 with the Lee Hand Press

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    Oooohhhhhhh wee! Didnít even know this thread existed, but glad it does.

    Iíve been using my hand press pretty regularly for the last 3-4 years. Was using the Lee classic loader kit to kill time on vacation but wanted something a little easier to use, and found this.

    I set up this portable reloading kit and have been adding pieces and parts as needed. Currently, itís setup to load to 38 special 148 gr wadcutters. Iím using bullseye stored in a quart freezer zip bag and add more or swap bags as needed. The Lee dippers are pretty accurate and drop 2.6-2.8 gr of bullseye. The aluminum dipper, I use that for rifle loading. Itís adjustable and using it to load 300 BO and 296/110 works pretty well, accurate within half a grain (with that powder and a 110 nosler I usually go between 17-19 grains). Iíve been using the same portable digital scale for a few years, and again it works pretty well.

    My daughter has a standing weekly 45 minute appointment, about 45 minutes away. I just bring my PRK and I can just about charge, seat, and crimp (I do all in separate steps with fully prepped and primed brass) a box of 50 in that time. I got lucky a while back and my LGS had a bunch of used brass for sale. The boxes are/were in good condition and they let me go through and mix and match boxes until I had a matching set of 8. Shout out to Earl for keeping his stuff in great shape!

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    Good post to revive.

    Planning on an extended trip north in a few weeks. Chores, some building, a bit of grouse hunting...and of course shooting is on the menu. Hemmed and hawed on the RCBS Dandy. In the end, ordered a small 1000g pocket scale, some additional dies for my hand press, and a small tool bag to carry it all. Plan on some porch loading of .38s, .357s and .44s.
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    I have a similar travel set up for my desert house. I love to shoot in the day and then sit on the porch at night and fill 'um back up!

    Very relaxing and keeps me shooting on the cheap.

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    I reread this Skeeter Skelton piece once in a while. Iíve got a Lee Hand Press instead of the Lyman tool, but have thought about assembling a similar kit.

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