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Thread: New Enigma Sport Belt

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    New Enigma Sport Belt

    Brand new, had an extra. Sport belt only. Be a site supporter or LEO.

    Edited. This is the 18" back panel, or mid size.
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    I'm in, Thank you sir.
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    I am in. I haven't tried the sport belt yet. I have really liked my Enigma(s) so far.

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    In please. I’ve been interested in trying the sport belt. Thanks!
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    i will play, por favor!

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    I'm in!

    This will give me an excuse to buy an enigma.
    I have been putting it off, but my 365 needs one....
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    I'm in. Thank you!

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    I’m in. Thanks!

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    In please, haven't tried to sports belt upgrade yet!

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    In please. Thank you.

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