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Thread: RFI - CZ Bren 2, 5.56 ?

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    RFI - CZ Bren 2, 5.56 ?

    What is the consensus on the recent production Bren 2 in 5.56? I am thinking of picking up the 11" pistol version. Primarily because I like "military adopted guns".
    The Bren has/had decent reviews and seems interesting.

    Anybody run one? Any issues to be aware of?
    It does seem that HBI handguard and a better brace/stock should be day 0 buys, adding about $600 more to the price tag.

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    They are cool but there are issues.

    If you decide to get a longer rail there can be a quite a bit of drama. The factory 922 rail and the longer rails availile from HBI can result in feeding issues if you torque them to recommended values. Make sure the bolt is in the gun when you torque them down.

    Further, the gas settings seem to be wonky. fortunately, HBI offers a gas plug mod. I need to try it because my gun is ammo sensitive.

    The ambi mag release can result in some resistance when inserting mags (not a big deal).

    That being said, the gun is pretty awesome otherwise. It has all the features of a NRCH SCAR-16, it also has a legit military pedigree and and at quite a bit of cost savings. Further, it is VERY smooth shooting and probably on the bleeding edge of under gassed.

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    They are as sexy as a Czech Supermodel!

    Thatís about all I know, I will defer to @Greg Bell for everything else.

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    We had one in class last summer, and there were some issues with reliability. The rifle was brand new, and had very little, if any, lubricant applied. Sans lube, the rifle exhibited issues cycling and the end user had one or two stoppages per magazine (which were factory Lancers and PMAGs).

    The gun needed about a hundred rounds of M855 to "break in", and it definitely required a generous amount of Slip 2000 EWL to run reliably.

    Not a knock on the rifle at all, but be aware that it will need to be fed full-powered 5.56 ammo and lubricated well.

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    Any experience running cheap steel case through the Bren?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy T View Post
    Any experience running cheap steel case through the Bren?
    I don't have a Bren but steel case can be problematic for any gun. Some like it, some don't.. just gotta try it. I have two AR's and one doesn't care, the other I can tell is on the edge of function.

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