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Thread: MRDS Quick Reference Cards (Revision 10 Release)

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    Rev 10A of the Aimpoint P-1 and P-2 MRDS QRCs are uploaded.

    These feature corrected graphics of each sight, and updated battery type information per the Aimpoint user manual.

    @Casey let me know if you see anything else in error on these. Appreciate the QC.
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    Looks right to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pnut View Post
    I just wanted to extend a THANK YOU for these cards. I’ve printed mine out on cardboard stock and write notes on the back. It definitely makes quick work of dialing in zero.
    You are most welcome, I appreciate the kind words.

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    Sig Sauer ROMEOZero-Elite is posted.


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    Well dad gone it I seem to have not posted the QRC for the 407CO. Sorry about that.


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    I was interested in clarifying, what, exactly, was the footprint that Holosun uses for their K series MRDS. They don't actually say on their web site, although it's generally acknowledged it is a variation of the Shield RMSc standard. Specifically, the user manual contains this sentence:

    NOTE: HS507K is compatible with some standard mounting solutions currently available. For a footprint drawing, contact Holosun

    So I emailed HS CS a polite request. Within 48 hours, I received a detailed pdf with the drawing of the 407k/507k footprint. Due to the NDA on the email, I am not able to post it.

    The main thing I wanted was to be able to quote Holosun for a potential rewording of the "Footprint" line on my 407k and 507k Quick Reference Cards. Right now I just have "Footprint: Shield", which I'm not happy with. So I'm currently leaning towards the following as a change to a V10A for both:

    From: Footprint: Shield
    To: Footprint: Modified RMSc:Holosun K series

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ View Post
    I was interested in clarifying, what, exactly, was the footprint that Holosun uses for their K series MRDS.

    Uploading new QRC Version 10A's for Holosun 407K and 507K with revised Footprint wording. Settled on "K Series (Modified RMSc)".



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    Version 10 QRC for the newly released (May 2022) Holosun SCS MOS (Green) MRDS.


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    Since the new Holosun EPS / EPS Carry MRDs are starting to ship, I did the QRCs for them based on Holosun web site information. If you see anything in error, please let me know.

    These six cards cover both EPS and EPS Carry, Red and Green, in the 2 MOA, 6 MOA, and Multi-Reticle System configurations. One card covers both EPS and EPS Carry, since they differ only in width/glass, as far as I can tell.

    These have all the standard V10 design features, with an update to use the reticle sight color in the main box labels (printing in color required, of course.)

    This is a sample screen grab of a Green MRS QRC, so you can see how they look. (All QRCs are posted below, in printable pdf form, two to a sheet):

    Name:  snip.jpg
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    EPS/EPS Carry Green 2 moa:

    EPS/EPS Carry Green 6 moa:

    EPS/EPS Carry Green Multi-Reticle:


    EPS/EPS Carry Red 2 moa:

    EPS/EPS Carry Red 6 moa:

    EPS/EPS Carry Red Multi-Reticle:

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    Rats, I think I missed inserting a line to describe how to switch reticles on the two EPS MRS versions. I'll issue an update to correct that soon. Any other comments, please let me know.

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