We're gonna be dropping colors for a period of time as we shift our manufacturing around and streamline things. COVID was helpful in the sense that we saw some amazing volumes, but as things drug on, sustaining the higher volumes led us to make some changes on the back end. As part of that process, running a single color is needed to get things moving. Our end goal is any DSG product available in a a business day or two.

SW15 is good for 15% off while colors are still an option.

Also, if you've not noticed, we've been working on the site, as well as a whole host of IT issues from the past year. Emails should be fixed, but the nature of the issues and the resolution may have had a few get deleted.

If you've emailed recently, and I know a few here have, we're a week from damn near caught up with the items in question in a stage of finishing for packing.