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Thread: Larry Vickers "The Test"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post

    This is an example of what Iím talking about.

    This is untimed, unsupported at 10 yards.

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    Which translates to this with a time limit and recoil management.

    Note that I didnít stop at 10 shots, just at 10 seconds.

    Because itís not about getting a lucky 10 shots, itís about being able to do it again and again.

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    I could go faster, sure. But then Iíd cut it closer to the ďfail zone.Ē

    IMO itís about being consistent under pressure and having margin.

    Because if you flinch 10% of the timeÖ whatís to say that wonít be the first shot you pull or jerk and maybe thatís the shot you really needed to hit dead onÖ
    This all makes sense. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G19Fan View Post
    This all makes sense. Thanks!
    Itís also why you donít practice slow fire on a B8 black at 10 yards or untimed dot torture at 5 yards and expect that to be good at speed.

    Ask more from yourself in consistency and achievement and youíll learn more in the same amount of time as the crew that pats themselves on the back no matter the result and says ďIím happy with that.Ē

    Thatís literally the recipe for stagnation. Theyíve already determined that theyíre content with the results so no learning happens.

    No matter how ďgoodĒ I get, Iím always learning.

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    I don't like 5 yard accuracy drills.

    As a personal bias, I don't think 5 yard accuracy drills on circles are a good idea.

    I said it.

    Height over bore, especially with optics makes holdover a thing at those distances.

    I would rather have a 4" target at 10 yards for training than a 2" target at 5 yards.

    If something is 5 yards away, you're not going to be slow firing 0.40 splits or you'll get a knife to the skull or a fist to your face.

    When you train for accuracy on a circle, I recommend minimum of 7 yards and preferably 10 or greater with an RDS lest height over bore will give you misleading feedback.

    Sure, legacy training has people doing 2" circles at 5 yards. That might have been okay in iron days, but there's a distinct height over bore offset with RDS at those distances unless you have a crazy short zero.

    When I have to do accuracy drills on close targets because of scaling, I pick slim rectangles so I don't have to account for height over bore.

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    Sig 320 .45 The Test.

    First day at the range with my .45 P320. 97/100 on the 10-10-10 Test. 185gr. Berry's HBRN Reloads. 8.07 Time at the Indoor Range. Sig's not selling a XTen Carry Module. I cut and beveled a Full Size XTen Module for the .45 Compact. The Wilson Extended Slide Release works on the .45 Module and Slide just fine by the way. I do wish Wilson Combat would make their Module for the 10/45 to take those magazines. I like the XTen Module, it's a great improvement over the stock module for me, but I do prefer the Wilson. I added a SIG Flat Trigger as well.
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