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Thread: Larry Vickers "The Test"

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    Quote Originally Posted by breakingtime91 View Post

    A lot of untrained AR users really fuck up easy shots because they don't practice to deal with their height over bore. Training is one thing, real life have to take that type of shot inside my house with kids running around or God forbid a dirt bag holding one of my kids. I better know that hold.
    Not everything is a linear problem.

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    When I was a kid, I got tons of discarded soft drink bottle caps from our general store. I used these as very close range targets by placing them on the ground on either side of a cow path. I shot as I walked. My method was taking up enough front sight. Handguns varied. I never forgot the lesson.

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    A run for 2024…

    On a bit of a lark today, I took my brand new TR G19 MOS with stock polymer sighs(!) to the indoor range just to see how things would shake out. From the ready with 147 gr.jhp Winchester: 97 points in 8.85 seconds, all “in the black”. I was pleased since (a) I had not shot in a few days, (b)it was the cold run of the day and (c) it was with the dang Glock sights.
    This gun will be a retirement gun and will receive an optic. Everything else is OEM; after a few hundred vetting rounds it will be carried a lot and shot little.
    I appreciate this forum once again as I scrolled back through the years and saw my attempts and others.

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    A couple days ago I shot it with my M17 (stock irons) I don’t shoot that gun often. But got a 8.88 all in the black with a 98 score, while I’m a Glock guy. I find I shoot the M17 fairly well and I’ve never had an issue with it with around 2000 rounds fired, I can see why the US Army went with it. Simple reliable and a good shooter.

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