By now readers here probably have a pretty good idea what an Aim Fast Hit Fast class is, so Iíll write something a little different than past reviews.

My goal in taking this class was to have Todd critique my form because this is the first formal instruction Iíve had since the Marine Corps over 30 years ago, and pistol shooting has come a long way since then. I thought I had a pretty good idea how to do a press-out because Iíve been reading pistol-training and pistol-forum for over a year, but I found thereís nothing like having Todd teach it to you in person because there are lots of important nuances that are hard to pick up otherwise.

I had a serious health issue come up about 2 weeks before the class, and I wasnít sure if Iíd be able to go. After I visited a couple of doctors, it was determined that Iím probably not dying right away, so with a strategy in place for managing the pain (not using pain drugs), I decided to move forward with my plans. Just being physically well enough to attend the class made me so happy that I didnít mind training in the rain. Todd did a good job of working around the wet weather, but thereís only so much you can do when it rains steadily all day long. Iíd never shot my pistol in the rain before, so it was good experience.

Todd is a gifted teacher and has obviously put a lot of thought into the material. One thing that I particularly enjoyed was how he explained the reasoning behind his methods. Even though AFHF does not focus on defensive strategy, and Todd made that clear, he was willing to share ideas about self-defense that were helpful. Iíve done A LOT of reading and thinking on the subject, and Todd was still able to bring up and discuss issues that I hadnít considered before.

I bought my pistol almost 2 years ago, and since then Iíve changed from the Weaver stance that I had used decades earlier to more or less Isosceles, and Iíve switched eyes because I learned that Iím cross-dominant. Todd mentioned other things I need to change as well. For one, the thumbs-forward grip I had been practicing needs improvement, but thanks to Todd now I know how to fix it!

I would definitely take this class (or one of Toddís other classes) again. Even though I shot some of the drills pretty well, thereís certainly much room for improvement, and Iíd like to get a chance to redeem myself on the F.A.S.T. (which I consistently shot terribly). I enjoyed meeting other students in the class and offer congratulations to those who earned a spot on the Wall of Fame.