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Thread: The small game/ plinking loads thread

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    I forgot about grits or CoW. I may go that route.
    Be careful in bottlenecked cartridges. People use cream of wheat to fireform cases.

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    Duly noted, thanks!
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    Dacron fill should be tucked loosely into the case neck to reduce free air space, but not pushed down against the powder, otherwise the filler behaves like a projectile and the bullet base as a bore obstruction and you may ring the chamber. I use a 1 - inch square of 1/4" thick quilt batting, which weighs about 1 grain. Tucked loosely into the case mouth it is positioned by the seated bullet only.

    For very light loads it helps to enlarge flash holes in the cases to .096" with a no.40 drill. It does no harm to go as large as 1/8". Contrary to popular belief there is no issue pressure - wise using enlarged flash holes in full charge loads. Larry Gibson ran extensive pressure tests in .308 Win. which were published in The Fouling Shot Issue No. 267 of Sept.-Oct. 2020 thoroughly debunking this myth.

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    Small game hunting you say?

    Never heard of such a thing!

    Generally I like .44 and .45s with a good wadcutter or semi wadcutter going in the 800 FPS range. Cuts a nice clean cookie cutter type hole right through just about anything.

    Even round nose lead .44 Magnums can be fun just for rolling ground squirrels:

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    I wish I took more pics in the woods.

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    I haven't looked recently but I used to be fairly active on the kifaru forums that was focused on backpack hunting. There were some pretty extensive info on small game loads for camp meat.

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    What kind of accuracy are you guys seeing with the light rife loads? I've been playing with some light loads in 30-30 with Red Dot and a powder coated 165 grain bullet. Shooting offhand I see ~2" at 25 yards.
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    Not sure how many times I’ve almost bought a Hammond game getter and/or 32ACP chamber adapter... 30/30, .308, 7.62x39.

    I keep coming back to the idea what I actually want is a .32 H&R mag chambered “bunny gun” like @Outpost75 has. Already have the pre-WW2 .410 to use as the donor.

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    I looked back thru my 30-30 notes. Appears I tried 135gr, 150, and 173gr cast with Unique. The 170s showed some promise, but had the issue with the shallow throat causing issue. The 135s fit fine, but I included no accuracy data. That means it wasn’t worth noting. I also had leading issues with all 3.
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