This course is designed to provide students with a holistic and layered approach to effective self-defense, beginning with an understanding of criminal violence and interpersonal conflict and then building skills and tactics to meet those challenges.


This course is for the person who recognizes that there is much more to armed defense than the gun - that the gun is not a hammer for which all problems are a nail.

If you’ve taken a bunch of gun classes but have realized that there’s more to it than that, this is the class for you.
If you’ve recently bought your first gun, got your CHL and maybe taken a basic pistol class but understand the hammer & nail issue, this class is for you.
If you want to begin to round out, and formalize the layered nature of civilian self defense, this is for you.

Cost is currently $425, which includes the Eventbrite registration fee, but NOT any associated range fees, which will be location specific.

Requirements: 300 rounds of ball ammunition (factory is MUCH preferred), the pistol you carry, a QUALITY holster (No SERPA type or floppy nylon!) at least 4 magazines, eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing, food, water, sunscreen, bug repellent, notepad and pen…the usual stuff you need on the range. Students must have had prior formal training in safety, marksmanship, and drawing the pistol from concealment. All students are expected to arrive at the course well-versed in safe gun handling practices. Each student will receive two POM pepper spray trainers and one POM live agent dispenser as part of the course fee.

Here's a video description of the class:

2-3 April, Meadhall Range, McCloud, OK

9-10 April, Bland, Missouri

23-24 April, Martinsville, IN

14-15 May, Kalamazoo, MI

21-22 May, Cincinnati, OH

28-29 May, Mt. Gilead, OH

4-5 June, Slippery Rock, PA

11-12 June, Culpeper, VA

18-19 June, Ft. Wayne, IN

25-26 June, Firearms Academy of Seattle