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Once a shooter has a grasp of trigger, grip and stance, isn't it all vision?
If we expand trigger, grip, and stance beyond a static definition, maybe? I'm pasting something I wrote a while back that explains how I think about it:

...there are many reasons for a miss, and only one of them is trigger mechanics:

1. Trigger mechanics: trigger pull moves sights off target
2a. Recoil control: arms move sights off target in an attempt to control recoil
2b. Recoil timing: you attempt to time the recoil cycle of the gun, but press the trigger at the wrong time.
3a. Transition timing: you pull off the target before the gun is finished shooting it, or shoot before the gun has arrived on target
3b. Transition damping: your transition wasn't 'critically damped', and you overshoot the target.
4a. Sight alignment: sights misaligned
4b. Sight placement: sights aligned but aimed wrong (usually looking at the wrong place on the target)
5. Vision: focus or eye dominance. Looking at the sights through the wrong eye.