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Thread: RFI - 223 and 300 BLK Reloading Tools

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    Here's an option for conversion. Similar to the Dillon trimmer or one of the Bosch router to Dillon trim die adapters.

    Having used a cut-off jig previously, I recommend going with something like the Dillon or MK7 instead. More money up front but certainly a tremendous time saver.

    Edit--make your own case lube using water soluble lanolin and 90+ alcohol.
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    Not sure if Iím going to be able to shoot the .300 test. Neighbors wife of 62 years passed this week. The kids and friends are cycling thru. Weíre going to stop by again tomorrow, but I donít want to be the guy causing a ruckus at such a somber time. It may have to wait.

    Quick update on this. I did get the opportunity yesterday to set up and begin to run this. I immediately ran into an issue however. As stated earlier, my previous load was 20.0 which is slightly below book max, and what I had previously worked up on an 8Ē barrel. That work up showed inconsistent results up to approaching max, where it all came together. My plan was to drop down about a full grain and work back up and see where I ended up.

    The first charge weight out of the box showed some pretty significant primer flattening. I shot 5 and stopped right there. I need to go back to the bench, pull the remainder, and drop down a bit more. Iíll report back.
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