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Thread: Cecil Burch Close Contact Handgun March 11-12, 2021 Casa Grande, AZ

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    Cecil Burch Close Contact Handgun March 11-12, 2021 Casa Grande, AZ

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    On March 11-12, I will be presenting the live fire coursework that I and my co-instructor Glen Stilson from Independence Training call Close Contact Handgun in Casa Grande, AZ.

    This is the fundamental base where we try to ensure that we don't end up in an entanglement, and we can use our handgun to maximum effect. There is some very minor physical contact in the class, but it is extremely limited, making the course suitable for anyone who is looking to get their feet wet in the close range self-defense envelope. This is a great introduction to the 0-5 yds gunfighting envelope for those who have been hesitant to do so from lack of physical conditioning or little experience in H2H fighting , and has the thumbs up for Craig Douglas of Shivworks (since we shamelessly are teaching a great deal of his material in the course). We have had some great feedback results when we taught this course before, including people who have taken ECQC. We are looking forward to doing it again.

    Close Contact Handgun

    We canít always use our defensive pistols in the optimum way we would like. Sometimes, we are able to shoot at extended range, but too often we need to shoot at closer distances. Sometimes, even when in actual physical contact with an assailant. Most people do not realize how easy it is for a bad guy to get too close to you, and how easy it is for him to interfere with your use of a firearm. This critical skill set requires specific training to optimize our chance of success and survival, and this course helps to accomplish that.

    In this class we will look at ways to maintain distance, using verbalization, footwork, positioning, and awareness to keep distance from an aggressive criminal, and to utilize the pistol in a manner in which we can prevent him from stopping us. The focus is on NOT getting entangled and having to get into a physical fight, but rather to use the pistol the way it is intended to be used Ė at a distance.

    We will cover:

    Maintaining Spatial Relationship
    Functional Footwork
    Proper Verbalization
    Presenting the pistol through an appropriate line of extension and compression
    Live fire through extension and compression
    Retention Shooting (both from the thumb-pectoral and the compressed high ready)
    Live fire retention shooting
    Integrating Verbals with everything else
    Recognizing when it is appropriate to go to the gun and when not to

    We will be working live fire on the range, as well as drilling concepts with blue guns. At the end we will pressure test our new skills in Force-on-force scenarios against resisting opponents with opposing will and freedom of action using UTM marking cartridges. We will be working in open space, in and around vehicles, and inside structures.

    Students will need a suitable carry pistol, at least three spare magazines, a quality holster, and 350 rounds of ammo. If you have training guns and training knives, please feel free to bring them.

    Cost: $400

    To sign up go here:

    For info about training or to contact me:
    Immediate Action Combatives

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    This is one of the best defensive classes on the market, and not to be missed.

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